Thorr​-​Axe / Archarus - The Hobbit Split​-​Album

by Archarus

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    A split-album narrative of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.

    1. Thorr-Axe - Good Morning
    2. Thorr-Axe - Dawn Take You All
    3. Archarus - Foehammer
    4. Thorr-Axe - Whispers in the Dark
    5. Archarus - Flies & Spiders
    6. Archarus - Erebor
    7. Thorr-Axe - Battle of Five Armies

    Recorded & mastered by Niko Albanese
    Artwork by Tristan Thompson of TriStarr

    Thorr-Axe || Thomasson - Daniels - Lett - Cullison
    Archarus || Smith - Albanese


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Archarus half of the split-album detailing the events of the company captured under the Misty Mountains, navigating through the forest of Mirkwood, and the rise and fall of Smaug the Golden.

Hop on over to Thorr-Axe's bandcamp for morning pipeweed, roast mutton, dark riddles, and human greed so that you can piece this puzzle together., though physical copies are recommended for full story mode.


released March 13, 2017

Smith - Albanese



all rights reserved


Archarus Indianapolis, Indiana


the Celestial Sea Dragon, Guardian of the Waves, the Keeper of Seas,

Here to play devastating grooves.


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Track Name: Foehammer
Set forth from the Homely House
Astride fourteen in all
Under moon and runes we must reach the door
Before the autumn leaves should fall
A raging storm, stone giants scorn
Reprieve they’ve thought to’ve found
Clash and crash, batter and beat
Down down to Goblin town

Through the dark for eternity
We march until our feet bleed
At our knees we plead to the king
But we shall never again be free
All too vain, they know our name
Our time is done
Flash and crack, murders, elf-friends
In the dark a sword is drawn

He wields the Foehammer
The beater, bright as daylight
The biter, the cleaver, the goblin reaver
Glowing through the night
On the run from the setting sun
Amongst the scent of ash and pine
From the arms of orcs to the mouths of wolves
From tongues of fire to wings of sky
Track Name: Flies & Spiders
The trees grew arms
The leaves grew fangs
The dark grew eyes
And a thousand legs

I’m alone in the dark
My friends are dead

Dwarven hair
Gossamer thread
Woven as one
Into a single web

I’m the lord of the flies
But I walk amongst spiders

They still draw breath
By the glow of Gondolin’s light
Be free from these nets
You shall not take our lives
Track Name: Erebor
A sentinel in the distance affront blue clouds and silver sky
The island sits of stone alone, climbing ever high
A sea of ash with waves of fire wash through written time
As amber leaves bed flecks of snow; Dale turns to night

Desolation – Desecration – Retaliation
Your prayers, divine – Your halls are mine – Run for your lives

For greed or need, neither to be clear
Those craven and bold, both are to fear
A shield of oak, enemies sworn
From flight and flame, hell has been born

The king under the mountain is made of scales and claws and wings
Foolish heir of dwarf or man has come to claim my seat
Tenfold shields and swords and spears, shock, thunder and death
Riddles may pass the time, but you may soon bathe in breath

Thieving rats – My wrath – Your last
Hurricane storm – Your shields, your swords – Shall burn once more

Fire on the water, knock upon the bow
Sky meets the earth and the depths below
In Golden silence sits an empty throne
I shall never return home

For greed or need
From flight and flame
For home, for stone
For Erebor.

For Erebor