Render Unto Archarus

by Archarus

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Abnormal Listening Habits
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Abnormal Listening Habits Stoner/Power Metal hybrid crossover. I enjoyed banging my head and taking the kinks out of my neck. \m/ \m/ Favorite track: Fire Blade.
eddienumbers thumbnail
eddienumbers Power metal influenced stoner rock. They never let the awesome fantasy story telling get in the way of a great riff.

Suggested Download: 7/29/2018
MindOverFour thumbnail
MindOverFour This is a very unsual mixture of styles. Sort of like southern rock meets traditional metal (Grand Magus) with a bit modern NWOBHM-ism thrown in (e.g. The Sword). It has a driving stoner-thrash aspect as well (High on Fire). Mix all of that up and you have one unique, catchy, and kick-ass record. Favorite track: Snow Hammer.
Suzi Uzi
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Suzi Uzi How can I be expected to pick a favorite track?! This album rocks! Archarus are a mind-blowing live show as well, so I totally recommend seeing them when they come through your town! (or Waffle House, that is!) Favorite track: Lizardfish.
Jeffery Tillotson
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Jeffery Tillotson Tower of the Wizard hit my headphones while I was at work today. I had to get up and walk around before I broke my chair from bouncing me leg and head to the beat. I only have two settings for music: things I like and things I don't like. Render Unto Archarus is certainly in the things I like category. Favorite track: Tower of the Wizard.
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Sea Wolf 04:28
Sea Wolf sails so swiftly and under cover of night To prey on unprotected ships that cross beyond the light Render Unto Archarus the souls of mortal men Who dare to cross the oceans and fail to tribute him Sea Wolf! She haunts the seas! Sea Wolf! Get on your knees! A burdened Spanish galleon off the starboard bow Now sitting on the horizon, but Sea Wolf’s on the prowl The captain barks the orders, She’s sailing at full speed The cannons loaded to send the Spanish to the bottom of the sea Sea Wolf! She haunts the seas! Sea Wolf! Get on your knees!
On blood drenched fields In the shattered forests On relentless seas In the forgotten abyss Under sun scorched skies In the haunted mountains In our hearts and our minds We will fight you Under A Tattered Banner Our beloved home fell To Aldmeri invaders Now we wander abroad Hunting down the traitors Though we lack in strength We are growing stronger We will forge our way And we will fight you Under A Tattered Banner
Lizardfish 06:44
Tossing, churning, floating upon the waves Toiling, swabbing, heaving, counting the days the sun beats down, the winds are becalm, Oh, the Guardian, the Keeper, we ask, we pray We ask for its aid, but we fear from a raid We ask for our lives, but it takes them away Ode to mighty Archarus, we hope and we wish Nay, all hope is lost, it’s the Lizardfish! Astern the waters swirl, begins the telling vortex Off port ocean explodes with cosmic effect The Guardian of Waves, the Keeper of Seas The Celestial Sea Dragon, get down on your knees! Archarian priests claim tomes are writ The Sea-Beast charting the stars insists Claws rake the sails, Harpoons deflect off scales Surrender now to the Lizardfish!
The square is lit with their torches The wells have shallowed and dried The fields are barren and withered The livestock rotten with flies The women cry for their children The peasants cry in the mud The nobles cry for their riches The men cry for blood Upon the dais he preaches This massing far from benign The townsfolk gather in piety To heed the prophet’s lies “You see now off in the distance, The tower rises so high. He brings starvation and ruin; This wizard, this devil, must fly.” They’ve gathered with torches They’ve drained the wells dry They’ve abandoned the fields They’ve let the animals die The women have too many children The peasants bemoan the days The nobles hoard all the riches The men feed their rage Upon the dais he’s piping The sheep bleat and they dance This world is their creation This vermin stands no chance “You see, ‘cause I am the Wizard, So bring your fire and knives. This Tower shall stand for evermore. A Wizard, a god, am I.” I am the Wizard!
I am the Last of the Giants My people have gone from the earth Last of great mountain giants Who ruled all the world at my birth The small folk have stolen my forests They’ve stolen my rivers and hills They’ve built a great wall through my valleys And fished all the fish from my rills I am the Last of the Giants So learn well the words of my song For when I am gone, the singing will fade And the silence will last long and long In stone halls they build their great fires In stone halls they forge their sharp spears As I walk alone in the mountains With no true companions but tears They hunt me with dogs in the daylight They hunt me with torches by night But these men who’re small will never stand tall Whilst giants still walk in the light I am the Last of the Giants So learn well the words of my song For when I am gone, the singing will fade And the silence will last long and long
Fire Blade 07:20
Atlas Elementum I: Act I Across the desert, across the south They worship the flame, the most devout Beneath Mount Ru, the coronation rings Arise Valcaran, the Fire King Savior of fire, the stories foretell Enlighten when the kneel, burn when they rebel Some thralls & servants, some allies or slaves Wielding Nauritha, to reap with the flame All fall before the might of the Blade But the North and their cold bring the Fire to a haze Flame melts the ice, but is dimmed by the cold To seduce the Snow Maiden, a plan so bold A spirit of fire trapped beneath ice Valcaran burns out that which poisons her life He melts away her heart of cold She tames the wild flames and the evils of old Peace can be seen, a union divine Uniting the worlds, as foretold in sublime The way to rule dawns in the right Not fear but through love, true prophetic light But the Ice Guards attack, the fighting ensues Though defending the same, the damage shows through From the frost or the flame, her ending remains The peace shall die, with the Snow Maiden’s flame
Snow Hammer 07:28
Atlas Elementum I: Act II Footprints tracked through the snow Up the mountain he must go The winter wills to break his stride For love, he must break its pride Silenced by the wind, cursing the accused The most dangerous man has naught to lose Ice clings upon a golden mane These frozen tears are sorrow’s claim Drenched and heavy, wear crown and crest Eclipsed by only pain beneath his chest Hundreds of souls, in little time shall At his hands, be condemned to hell Secrets only a blade confides Ringless by a former bride Eagle sound and salty streams Born among the thieves and screams Lifeless, lessened, hold and breath Enemies of a nameless death Dark light from the east does glow Death reigns down across the snow Flash of steel, gleam of light More a massacre, less a fight Revenge sought, vengeance known, Crimson rivers run in the snow Heavy breath and blurry eyes The deceased are not all that died And though he stands, he has not won A heart to never again be one
San Sabado 06:25
Atlas Elementum I: Act III San Sabado approaches, swinging his staff The fog and haze come tailing to aft The people flee because they do not know Open your eyes to see what’s bestowed The gloom is not his own, shrouds colors so pure Crimson commands, controls, imprisons azure Verdant fields claimed by Valcarian scythes Sweet fronds die along with nature’s true rights San Sabado approaches, swinging his staff The clouds and bliss come tailing to aft The people weep because they can now see Open your eyes and set yourself free San Sabado save us San Sabado save our lives San Sabado save me San Sabado save my life San Sabado take me San Sabado take me away


released November 9, 2015

Smith - Hannon - Thompson - Olson

Recorded, mixed, mastered at Thanasphere Studios by Niko Albanese.

Artwork by Tristan Thompson

Lyrics by Drew Smith and Matt Hannon
Lyrics for Last of the Giants credit to George RR Martin


all rights reserved



Archarus Indianapolis, Indiana


the Celestial Sea Dragon, Guardian of the Waves, the Keeper of Seas,

Here to play devastating grooves.

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